• מקדחת עמוד שולחנית אלקטרונית

  • כושר חיתוך בברזל: 13 מ"מ כושר חיתוך בעץ: 40 מ"מ עומק קדיחה: 280 מ"מ
  • מחיר1,349.00 ₪
  • משלוח0.00 ₪
  • סה"כ (כולל מע"מ)1,349.00 ₪
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  • מספר תשלומיםעד 8 תשלומים ללא ריבית
  • זמן הספקהעד 6 ימי עסקים
  • יצרןScheppach
  • דגםDP50
  • אחריותאחריות לשנה, יבואן רשמי

תכונות ומאפיינים

הספק מנוע:710w
מתח הפעלה:חד פזי 230v
מהירות מירבית -:170-2600 סל"ד
תפסנית:פוטר אוטומטי עד 13 מ"מ
משקל:10.8 ק"ג

פרטים נוספים


The scheppach DP50 drill press combines proven technique with modern design. It works absolut precise and is intuitive to use. The powerful 710 w 2 gear motor allows exact speed speed settings.
The reliable technique combined with the modern design makes the scheppach DP50 to the highlight of your workshop.
• The digital display permits an exact speed setting
• The digital display enables easy reading of the exact drilling depth. Even rows of holes can therefore be drilled without any problems
• 2-speed gearbox for the right setting 1st gear: high power 2nd gear: high speed
• Keyless precision chuck automatically retightens the drill bit
• Integrated laser to assist with drilling: for easy, precise drilling
• The integrated LED ensures that the work area is well lit even at faint light.
• The quick-action clamp fixes even round workpieces conveniently
• The rotating wheel in modern and practical design with softgrip allows a controlled, comfortable drilling rate

DEPTH STOP: Fast repetition of similar drill hole
DRILL DEPTH INDICATOR: The display of the exact drill depth on the innovative digital display enables precise adjustments for continuous drillings
INFINITELY DRIVE ADJUSTMENT: The electric display shows the exact speed setting
ELECTRIC SPEED CONTROL: The electric speed control guarantees a constant speed in all materials
LASER: Exact positioning indicator of the drilling hole for easy and precise working
DRILL CHUCK: The professional, keyless precision chuck tightens the drill autonomous and enables high precise drilling
2-GEAR DRIVE: Powerful 2-gear-drive for the right setting. 1. Gear High torque 2. Gear high speed
LED: Perfect lighting of the working table through the build in LED
HAND WHEEL WITH SOFTGRIP: Enables a controlled and comfortable progress of drilling
GUIDE GROOVES: For the easy attachment of further accessories
QUICK CLAMP DEVICE: For the fixation of even round components
WORK TABLE: The rip fence ant the big worktable enable a precise and safe positioning of the component

Techical data:

Dimensions: 330 x 300 x 715 mm
Base L x W x H 330 x 300 x 30 mm
Speed range 170 – 800 / 490 – 2600 min-1
Chuck cap 1.5 – 13 mm
Drill stroke 90 mm
Drill-Ø in wood 40 mm
Drill-Ø in steel 13 mm
Drive 2-Gear
Chuck to base max. 280 mm
Input 710 W
Weight net / gross 10.3 / 13.1 kg
Packaging dimensions: 695 x 340 x 265 mm

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