• פטיש הריסה 1700w עצמה 50J משקל 18.4 ק"ג

  • מחיר3,290.00 ₪
  • משלוח39.00 ₪
  • סה"כ (כולל מע"מ)3,329.00 ₪
  • כמות    
  • מספר תשלומיםעד 8 תשלומים ללא ריבית
  • זמן הספקהעד 6 ימי עסקים
  • יצרןEinhell
  • דגםTE-DH 50
  • מק"ט4139130
  • אחריותאחריות לשנתיים, יבואן רשמי

תכונות ומאפיינים

הפעלה:חשמלי 230v
הספק מנוע:1700w
מהירות מנוע:1800 מ"מ
עוצמת הלימה:50J
משקל:18.4 ק"ג
תפיסת איזמל:SDS-HEX 30mm
מה כלול?
ארגז קשיח:כלול

פרטים נוספים

  • Top demolition performance by 50 J single impact power
  • Robust SDS-hex tool chuck for fast tool change
  • Low-vibration operations by vibration-cushioned main handle
  • 180°-horizontal / 360°-vertical adjustable additional handle
  • Automatically switching off carbon brushes prevent malfunctions
  • Soft start for safe operation
  • Robust, durable construction for strong long-term operations
  • Robust 4 m rubber cable for maximum mobility
  • Ready for immediate work thanks to the pointed & flat chisel
  • Incl. machinery towel for easy cleaning of the unit
  • Supplied in a practical transport and storage trolley
The Einhell demolition hammer TE-DH 50 is the ideal tool for the keen DIY enthusiast, even on heavy demolition work tackled as a DIY project. With an impact rate of 1800 strikes per minute and 50 joule single impact power delivered by the powerful 1700 W motor, the highest demolition performance is guaranteed in the home and garden, all with a vibration-cushioned main handle for low-vibration operations. The SDS-hex tool chuck (33 mm) allows for fast and problem-free tool changes. The additional handle on the TE-DH 50 is designed to allow adjustment through 180 degrees in the vertical direction and 360 degrees horizontally, so the demolition hammer can be adapted flexibly to any working position. The robust 4 m rubber cable provides the greatest possible mobility. Carbon brushes which switch off automatically also prevent malfunctions and afford additional protection for the TE-DH 50. Robust and durable in construction, the demolition hammer is designed for demanding continuous operation. The demolition hammer is ready for immediate action thanks to the supplied pointed chisel and flat chisel. The soft start function guarantees safe operation. A practical machinery towel is also included to enable the tool to be cleaned easily. The product is supplied in a practical transport and storage trolley.

מוצרים דומים

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