• מקצוע עץ שולחני עליון תחתון 2200w מקצועי

  • גובה הקצעה 160 מ"מ,
  • מחיר4,990.00 ₪
  • משלוח290.00 ₪
  • סה"כ (כולל מע"מ)5,280.00 ₪
  • כמות    
  • מספר תשלומיםעד 8 תשלומים ללא ריבית
  • זמן הספקהעד 6 ימי עסקים
  • יצרןMetabo
  • דגםHC260C
  • מק"טHC 260C HC-260
  • אחריותאחריות לשנה, יבואן רשמי

תכונות ומאפיינים

קטגוריה:שולחני דו-צדדי (עליון ותחתון)

פרטים נוספים

  • עומק הקצעה 0-3 מ"מ.
  • רוחב הקצעה 260 מ"מ.
  • גובה הקצעה 160 מ"מ.
  • גודל שולחן 1040x260 מ"מ.
Metabo 240v Planer / Thicknesser with Leg Stand - 0114026038

Metabo were one of the first companies to develop a planer thicknesser of this size. With over 20 years of experience in this field you can entrust that Metabo planer thicknessers are amongst the best in the market. The HC 260 C has a planing cutting width of 260 mm and total table length of 1,090 mm. Cutting depth is 3 mm max. The thicknessing height is an impressive 160 mm with a 3 mm stock removal capacity. The thicknessing bed is cast iron, the planing tables are cast aluminium. The machine comes fully equipped with three micro -switches as well as kick stop on/off switch and quick release cable for machine and operator safety.

Features and Benefits:
  • Simple conversion from surface planer to bench thicknesser without tools
  • Powerful universal motor for powerful lugging drive and even planing result
  • Stable gear for uniform work piece feed
  • Thickness table made of solid, non-abrasive grey cast iron
  • Convenient height adjustment with crank handle
  • Planer blades with double blade for longer service life
  • Jointing fence, swivelling 90°-45°
  • Quiet induction motor, maintenance-free and robust.
  • No-volt release switch: prevents unintentional startup after power cut
Technical Specification:
Dimensions L x W x H - 1110 x 620 x 960mm
Dressing plates L x W - 1040 x 260mm
Chip removal - Planing - 0-3mm
Material - Dressing plates Cast aluminium - Thickness table Grey cast iron
Thickness table L x W - 400 x 260mm
Passage height/width - 160mm/260mm
Feed rate - 5 m/min
Diameter of blade shaft - 63mm
Number of blades - 2
Blade shaft speed - 6,500 /min
Mains voltage - 230V
Rated input power - 2.2kW
Output power - 1.6kW
Weight - 71kg

Supplied With:
integrated disposable reversible planer blades
short, swivelling jointing fence
Chip ejection hood
Push stick
Extraction nozzle

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