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  • יצרןWAGNER
  • אחריותאחריות לשנה ,יבואן רשמי

פרטים נוספים

  • Between-Board Guide™ aligns pad with deck board
  • New valve design controls flow for thin stains and sealers
  • Easy Fill Valve
  • Lid and fill tube for less mess
  • Ratcheting Trigger for on-demand dispensing
  • 22 fl. oz. reservoir covers up to 70 sq. ft. in one fill
  • Absorbant pad provides smooth, even application to cover even the roughest boards
  • Removable Between-Board Brush™ for all deck types and cleaning

Make your deck look great. Master your deck in one pass with Wagner's deck finishing tool. With its patented brush and pad, the Deckmaster pad system is a revolutionary new way to stain your deck. It applies material to the deck boards and cracks at the same time, making staining and sealing faster and easier than ever!

• 1/2 gallon tank for fewer refills
• Groove brush for staining in-between deck boards
• Gravity-fed with flow 
• Wide mouth container for easy filling
• For use with water and oil-based stains

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