• מד טווח לייזר 50m מיקרו מקצועי תוצרת ריג'יד

  • The RIDGID® micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter provides simple, quick and accurate distance readings at the push of a button. Simply push the measurement button to turn on the Ultra-Sharp Class II lasers, point the device at at the spot to be measured to, and push the measurement button. The distance reading will appear on the easy to read LCD display. This rugged, compact, portable instrument enables professional tradesman to quickly determine run distances for bidding, distance of piping run, measuring trouble spots down the line and quickly determine spacing for code compliance.
  • מחיר899.00 ₪
  • משלוח39.00 ₪
  • סה"כ (כולל מע"מ)938.00 ₪
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  • מספר תשלומיםעד 8 תשלומים ללא ריבית
  • זמן הספקהעד 6 ימי עסקים
  • יצרןRIDGID
  • דגם36158
  • מק"טLM-100 LM100
  • אחריותאחריות לשנה יבואן רשמי

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קטגוריה:מד טווח לייזר
טווח מירבי:עד 50 מטר

פרטים נוספים

Ultra Sharp Class II Lasers clearly highlight the point being measured.
Exceptional Distance Range allows accurate measurements up to 164 feet (50m).
Adjustable Units enable you to quickly read in feet, inches or meters on the fly.
Bright Backlit Display for use in poorly lit areas.
Quick and Accurate calculations on the spot.
Displays up to the last three measurements, stores the last 20 measurements.
Rugged Over Molding allows you to keep a solid grip in the harshest of industrial environments.


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