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  • The two-in-one brushing system. Specially designed for synthetic surfaces, the Brush-Pro is a ride-on brushing system consisting of a pair of mid mounted oscillating brush units and three rear mounted brushes. The oscillating brushes are ideal for periodic aggressive brushing to keep infill mobile, prevent algae accumulation, surface compaction and loss of porosity. The infill level is maintained at a constant depth giving consistent playing characteristics and reducing pile damage caused by reduced infill levels. The “oscillating action” is designed to be thorough and effective but gentle to avoid damage to the fibres. Fewer passes are required than when using conventional drag brushes causing less compaction. The rear mounted brushes are designed for routine frequent use to lift the pile.
  • זמן הספקהעד 6 ימי עסקים
  • יצרןSISIS
  • דגםrideon BRUSH PRO
  • מק"טFS1235Y
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Oscillating brush

1500mm (1.5m/60")


Rear brush

3000mm (3m/120")



Honda GXV390

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