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  • יצרןMerlinLazer
  • דגםML9120
  • מק"טM100200
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 Fast – measure unit thickness for replacement purposes.

 Accurate – identify laminated glass in any situation, ideal for risk assessments


 Quick – just point & click, glass & air-gap thickness are displayed on the calibrated scale.

 No glass removal necessary.




The Merlin Lazer Gauge is a new tool that will revolutionise the way you work and improve your productivity making it the perfect tool for any surveyor who needs to quickly and accurately identity and measure glass in situ.


A remarkably simple but effective precision measurement instrument it allows accurate measurement of glass and air-gap thickness in single, double and triple glazed units.


Simply place the tool onto the corner of the unit and a precise measurement for each piece of glass and the air-cavity will be shown on the calibrated scale.


No access is required to the property and all readings can be taken from one side without the need to remove even a single piece of glass.


It will also measure and identify laminated glass in situ making it the ideal tool for anyone involved in the risk assessment of glass in buildings.


The implications for improved working accuracy, business productivity and profitability are obvious. The Merlin Lazer Gauge allows instant appraisal of all site work, shop fronts, office blocks or indeed any situation where glazing is involved – without the need to remove even a single piece of glass.


Compact and convenient, it makes “G” gauges a thing of the past and provides on the spot quality control to manufactures at the shop floor to installers on site.




Complete with batteries and a high quality protective case the Merlin Lazer Gauge is exceptional value and could easily pay for itself on its first contract.


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